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Divine Communications Trust


Brand & market a unique and innovative project that works with children and young adults.

The Problem:

Given the nature of this clients work, it was essential the new service had a strong brand image that reflected the needs and aspirations of young people.

The Solution:

Logo design, branding as well as leaflets, and a new website. Clementines created a range of documents consisting of clear, easy to understand copy. Clementines also designed the packaging for a series of interactive educational CD ROMs.

The Outcome:
  • Saved 40% in branding & marketing costs with our Integrated Marketing Approach.
  • The brand has now become very recognisable amongst community, voluntary and public bodies, boosting its competitive edge.
  • Fast becoming a leading name in their industry.


Client Quotes:

“I saw that the work they delivered was unique and that was what I was looking for. Also they understood what I was trying to achieve with my business…”

“Kelechi’s quick grasp of what I am trying to achieve with each item I want done saves me having to explain in GREAT detail what I want!”

“Everything that Clementines has worked on is unique and stands out! I always get people asking me who did the work. I have referred them on to some people as well…”

Viv Oyolu
Director, Divine Communications Trust

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