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What does ‘growth’ mean to you? However you define it and whatever results you are seeking, we will deploy various methods to help you build capacity, increase market share and improve your bottom line.

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1. Comprehensive review of your Business Plan
A Business Plan is a ‘planning document’, which sets out in both words and figures a proposed business venture. We can review, edit or help you construct the Plan. The benefit of a Business Plan is to:
  • Transfer ideas onto paper and/or raise finance
  • Demonstrate entrepreneurial and management expertise
  • Monitor the progress of the business


2.  Product and Service Appraisal

Periodically, your products and services should be assessed to ensure you are offering your customers what they want and at the price they are willing to pay. How you market your services/product is equally important to ensure your methods are cost effective and reach your desired consumer base.

3.  Bid Writing

With an annual Public Sector spend of approximately £500 billion, businesses now more than ever before are keen to access or improve their success ratio, but sometimes find the process of putting together a formal bid document difficult. We have the track record to win public contracts, giving your company added kudos and sustainable income.

4.  Sourcing and Raising Finance

There are many sources of finance available, but knowing which ‘product’ is best for you can be a bit of a mind field. We will help you navigate the finance maze. We have access to: Business Angels, bank loans, venture capitalists, equity finance, and bridging loans, lenders of last resort and government schemes and grants.

5.  Performance Management

To grow your business you have to set realistic goals and meet them. In order to gauge how your company is performing you need a number of benchmarks or milestones. We can help you define and set business goals, and provide a system for monitoring and managing your resources.

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